Welcome to Self Expression Saturday!

I created this blog to celebrate my own desire to reclaim my self expression.  At first, this blog was going to focus on creativity prompts and journaling ideas, but I am realizing that my personal self expression is more than notebook and pen: it’s also fashion, lifestyle choices, self-care, and more.

My personal goals with this blog: be authentic and share lots of ideas, for myself and for others.

A Safe Space to Create

As a creative writing teacher, I am also realizing the importance of building trust with my students so that they feel safe expressing their creativity.  So, this blog will also share ideas for how to help students feel creatively safe and ideas for creating a safe space for you to create.

Hi, I’m Rachel. Nice to Meet You.

I’m Rachel, and I’m the author of this blog.  I work as a communications manager for UC San Diego Health and am the editor in chief of a physician’s newsletter called Medical Staff Update.  I also teach both creative writing and technical writing classes at UC San Diego extension. I would love for you to take a class from me. Check out my current teaching schedule.

If you want to learn more about my professional credentials, you can check out my online portfolio.

Define Self-Expression

I define self-expression as a person who is expressing or asserting his or her own personality through behavior, conversation, and creative pursuits.

Creative Self-Expression

In this blog, you’ll find ideas for creative self-expression, including a lot of journaling prompts. Feel free to use these prompts in a journal or in your own blog. I’d love for you to link back to me if I help inspire a blog post for you.

Self-Expression Activities

Are you a teacher who is looking for self-expression activities?  You’ll find those here, as well as my unique teaching approach to help teach creativity in a safe place for students who may feel unsure of undertaking creative projects.

Is it Self-Expression or Self Expression?

As an editor, I’ve created style guides because it’s important to have consistency in professional work.  In this blog, I’ve made a deliberate choice to use both both forms.

My reason why: I want people to find the information on this blog because I think it is going to be helpful to others.  And, my research is showing that some people search for self expression and some search for self-expression.

So, it’s my deliberate choice to use both, although the editorial part of my brain is still pushing me to choose one and stick with it.