Cashing In

This is a story all about Cash. In the new beach community where I live, cash is in. I hadn’t carried cash for years, but here, it’s preferred and sometimes, credit is not given, not even when it’s due.

Cash Or Consequences

A few examples: cash only at The Little Chef. $4 fee to pay with credit at the swap meet. $1 charge to pay with credit at the nail salon, and you can only tip with cash. $30 up charge to pay the movers with a credit card. In some cases, it’s cheaper to pay the fine…I mean, the fee…for taking money out of a non-friendly ATM.  A corner liquor store even boasts that they won’t charge you a fee for paying with a debt card.

Cash Flow

To keep the cash flowing, Ocean Beach has as many ATM machines as they do restaurants, maybe more.

Cash Advance

In this credit based society, cash still has a place in Ocean Beach. And yes, I’m referencing cash the dollars, not Cash the dog. At this point, I can’t really write about one without thinking about the other. So, while cash is here in OB, Cash is not (until his next visit.)

Pets Have Money Names

On that note, perhaps I could have predicted a cash trend based on pet names. My brother has a cat named Penny, but I don’t know of any pets named Visa, Debit, or Credit. I wouldn’t mind meeting a dog named Bitcoin, even though I’m still not quite sure what that means.

Journal, if you wish: Do you carry cash? Why or why not?  Know any pets named Card, Million, or Bank?  Or, write about how two words that sound the same connect.

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