Shell Help

Is there such a thing as being too introspective?  For me, I think yes.  When I shift into thinking, thinking, thinking and away from the intuitive feeling part of who I am, I start to get annoyed quickly with myself.  This reminds me of a time when I was at the bookstore, searching for some kind of an answer in the self-help section of the bookstore.  A friend happened to call at that moment and gave me some good-witch Glinda advice: “just click your heels together three times” AKA you already have the answer. shells

But I digress.  Instead of self help, try a little shell help.  You can get lost in searching for shells on the beach.  It can be a meditative experience.  Or, you can sort through a box of shells, lining them up by shape and color, looking for patterns and finding your own.

Journal if you wish: What do you think about shell help?  If you don’t live by the beach, maybe it’s not shell help.  Maybe it’s shelf help.  Organizing a shelf could be helpful.  There could be answers between the cumin and the cayenne.  Or, journal about words that sound similiar but are not.


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