Roses and Transitions

My last post was rose-themed, and this one will be, too.  I’ve moved beaches, but there are still roses.  This time, instead of finding roses washed up on the beach beside me, I’m finding roses on my porch, roses at my backdoor.  Roses all around me, pink and red ones.


Journal if you wish: blog about something you’ve found in more than one place.  Does the item connect in any sort of way?  Look, feel, color, meaning?  I’m reminded of the day when I was shopping in my local antique stores.  I heard a customer ask if the place had an antique scale, and they didn’t.  Seemed that day, every antique store I went into did have a scale, I wanted to find the customer and say…”it’s here…and here, and here, and here.”  She probably didn’t see them because she was looking too hard.  When the customer is ready, the scale will apppear?


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