Self Expression Activities: Drawing

I’ve decided that an important part of Self-Expression Saturday is sharing a variety of self-expression activities with you.

Although I’m not an artist in the traditional sense, I know several people who are, including my daughter. In this post, I share her thoughts about drawing as a form of self-expression.

Her self-expression:
A collection of sketches of empowered women.

Why drawing?
I find it difficult to journal. It feels like a homework assignment to me.

Her inspiration:
I was looking for something productive to do. I wanted to draw women of different shapes and sizes. Empowered women who were taking charge in their lives. Women who could express themselves and be feminine yet strong at the same time. All of the women who I drew for the collection are a little bit like me.

Three tips for others who want to draw as a form of self-expression:
1. A blank page feels defeating for me. Start with an inspiration. I used to find things to sketch as a starting point.
2. Feel comfortable with your materials. I like to be able to erase and undo. My preferred pencil for many years has been the PaperMate Sharp Writer #2. Keep your materials with you so that you can draw when you feel inspired.
3. Be in the right head space for drawing. Don’t force it. My drawings are always more inspired when I am enjoying the process.

Learn more about Jaeme: Instagram: jaemethomae


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