Sand Expression

Sand can be a beautiful tool for self expression and grounding for those people who don't mind touching it. I personally love sitting in the sand because it just feels good to connect to the earth. I also enjoy the feeling of scooping up sand, drawing in it, holding it, and letting it drift through my fingers.

Here are a few self expression activities related to the sand:

  • Draw letters or shapes in the sand with your fingers or toes.
  • Feel the difference between how it feels to skate your fingertips over the sand versus how it feels to pull them through the sand.
  • Use the sand like clay to build a little house or dimensional allusion to something else.
  • Feel your feet on the sand. How does it feel to stand with your feet closer together? Further apart? On your heels? How about on your toes?
  • Dig down into some wet sand. Make an imprint of your hand or foot.

Journal about your experiences or make the beach your journal and leave a word or image behind. You could choose to practice letting go as the tide is the ultimate eraser, proving fresh start after fresh start.

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