That Stubborn Feeling

b62f35f5-86c2-4f2b-b275-cf912d06aac4-41173-00002a8887a8695fFor this Saturday’s self expression, I encourage you to take your journal and work out strategies you can use when you get stuck in your writing process.

I feel like we probably all have different strategies that helps us.  You can read mine from my journal and then work on your own. (Feel free to enlarge the photo so that you can see the entire image. I will work on creating clickable images of my journal pages so that they self-enlarge in the future!)

These are great to have on hand when we need them!

If you choose, you can also explore these journaling ideas:

  • Why do you sometimes feel stubborn about working on your writing projects?
  • Write about a time you got unstuck.  What did you do?
  • Write about a time when you helped a friend or child work through writer’s block.


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