Safe Space Creativity

photo computer
My classroom at UC San Diego Extension

I’ve been reading about the idea of “trauma sensitive” or “trauma inspired” yoga.  I believe that some of the same concepts can apply to creative writing.  How many people are scared to journal or be creative because of bad experiences they’ve had in the past?

With this new understanding, I like the idea of creating a safe space for people to be creative. As a writing teacher, I pledge to my students:

  1. To encourage your participation as a valued class member, but to never force it.  You can share as much or little as you like.
  2. To create a classroom free from competition, where everyone’s work is valued.
  3. To respect the fact that you’ve shared your personal writing with me–that takes courage, and I respect it.
  4. To offer you the level of corrections that you are ready to receive, which could range from support and cheerleading to more vigorous copy edits.

As a creative writing student, how do you feel in your writing classes? What could your teachers do to provide you with a better experience?

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