Magic of Palm Trees

Palm Tree
Creative perspective on a palm tree.

I’ve always been intrigued by palm trees.  As a little girl growing up on the Midwest, I think I saw them for the first time when we visited my grandparents in Arizona.

Later, I’d see them again in Texas.  I was 17, and I was enchanted by the ocean.

It took me 33 years to make my big move to the California coast, and I love it that I now see palm trees every single day.

I love shape of palm trees and how they sway in the wind. I’ve seen them be strong in fierce winds, and I’ve seen them be flexible on sunny days.  When I lived in Utah, there were people who just couldn’t get enough of the mountains.  I’m kind of like that with palm trees.

If you wish, journal about your favorite tree and what it means to you. Or here are more choices:

  • Go to a park and observe a tree.  Make a list of ten things you notice about the tree.
  • Did you ever climb a tree?  What was the experience like?
  • Write about the variety of trees in your neighborhood.
  • In general, what do trees symbolize to you?  If you had a dream about a tree, what might that mean to you?


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